SIPES, chartered in 1963 in Houston, Texas, has one of the strongest certification programs in the earth sciences. Members are certified by the Board of Directors for their professional experience, competence and ethics. SIPES has over 1,300 members located in 20 states. Their areas of expertise are worldwide in scope. Some bring about the drilling of oil and gas wells. Others are involved in different extractive industries of the earth’s natural resources or in education.



- Science or engineering degree leading to a career in earth sciences.
- 12 years of practice in the field of earth science. The years of experience required may be fulfilled by self-employment, as well as employment in industry, government or education as an earth scientist. Credit is given for degrees received from accredited universities.
- Members must be independent or self-employed with freedom of choice of clients and business associates.
- The sponsorship of three SIPES members is required. Applicants who reside outside of a SIPES chapter state, may use SIPES sponsors or other professionals who are familiar with the applicant’s experience in the earth sciences. SIPES has a membership reciprocity agreement with the Division of Professional Affairs of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, and with the Society of Petroleum Evaluation Engineers. Sponsors are not required for DPA or SPEE members.

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There are two categories of Limited Membership:

Employed Members - Persons who meet the qualifications of Full Membership except that they are not independent.

Junior Members - persons who meet the qualifications of Full Membership except that they do not have 12 years of experience.

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SIPES membership provides you with an opportunity to meet and exchange technical and economic information with other self-employed earth scientists. If you need prospects, or if you are looking for participants in your projects, being a SIPES member affords you the opportunity to become part of a nationwide high-quality network of oil and gas professionals.
For members who are consultants, SIPES maintains a computerized Referral System for Consultants designed to match consulting members with individuals or companies requiring the services of a qualified earth scientist. Data in the system is updated annually and includes information about professional specialties and geographic areas of practice. A comprehensive list of consulting members is also published annually. SIPES has developed, in conjunction with the DPA of AAPG, useful professional Model Contracts for Independent Geoscientists. A Model Confidentiality Agreement Form and a Contract for Geoscience Services are now available.
SIPES publishes an annual Most Active Companies Buyers List available exclusively for members. The report, available in printed and computer formats, includes information from companies located in SIPES Chapter areas who are buying prospects, production and ideas. SIPES also publishes the quarterly SIPES Newsletter, containing informative articles, as well as news of members and information about SIPES Chapter activities. A SIPESMembership Directory is revised and issued annually. The book includes telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, and helpful reference indices. A SIPES biographical membership directory is also published biennially, and includes member photos and information on each member’s education, professional history, areas of expertise and certification number. It is a useful reference for the public, industry and for members when evaluating and hiring earth science consultants.
SIPES Chapters rotate responsibility for co-hosting a National Convention each year. The SIPES Annual Meeting includes a two-day technical session that offers SIPES members information relevant to the independent or consulting earth scientist, as well as field trips and social events. The SIPES Convention also provides a forum to honor members for their dedication and outstanding service to the the society. SIPES members receive discounts on convention and seminar fees.
Through the SIPES Foundation, a charitable and educational organization founded in 1982, members can attend educational seminars and have access to a large earth science Video Film Library. The Foundation also offers members an opportunity for charitable gifting to provide and support programs beneficial to the education and development of earth scientists. TheSIPES Foundation also supports geoscience training centers located in SIPES Chapter areas and has awarded more than 90 scholarships to outstanding earth science honor students.
SIPES addresses a wide variety of state and federal issues which directly affect the independent earth scientist. Responses to lawmaking and rulemaking are provided to state and national legislative and governmental agencies. As a Cooperating Association with the Independent Petroleum Association of America and as a member of the American Geological Institute’s Governmental Affairs Program, SIPES members benefit from the direct contacts these groups have with legislators and government agencies in Washington, DC concerning issues affecting the oil and gas industry and the earth sciences.