Prospective New Members

Any member in possession of information which might possibly disqualify an applicant is asked to submit this information to the secretary of the society (Wendell R. Creech) within thirty days of November 22, 2019. To be considered, this information should be in writing and bear the writer’s name. If this information is received within thirty days of the above date, the SIPES Board of Directors must reconsider its previous approval of the applicant. The board’s action, after consideration of such new information, shall be final.

SIPES No.NameChapterSponsors
3554William K. MatthewsHoustonM. HelsingerJ. LundD. Smith
1844John J. F. DowdsOklahoma CityReciprocal – DPA
Jr.Brent WinborneCorpus ChristiD. TaylorM. BergsmaP. Nye
Ltd.Jay H. HightowerMidlandReciprocal – DPA
3557Gary L. RoederHoustonS. SmithE. KubelkaJ. Allen
Ltd.Rickie L. StephensHoustonD. SacreyP. HoffmanE. Kubelka