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August 2018 SIPES Quarterly

Highlight – A Wild Goose Chase on the Texas Gulf Coast (by Dennis A. Taylor, Metate Minerals, Ltd., Owner & President – Corpus Christi, Texas)

June 2018 SIPES Quarterly

Oil on the Sea and Exploration: A History with Lessons (by John L. Berry, #3326 — Austin, Texas)

March 2018 SIPES Quarterly

Highlights – Data versus Hype: How Ten Cities Show Sea-Level Rise is a False Crisis (by Dennis E. Hedke, Hedke-Saenger Geoscience, Ltd., Partner)

November 2017 SIPES Quarterly

Highlights – Rivers of Texas, A Geologist’s Overview (by Thomas E. Ewing, #1610, Frontera Exploration Consultants – San Antonio, Texas)

May 2017 SIPES Quarterly

Highlights: Cross-Discipline Communication: An Issue for Geoscientists (by Tom Klekamp, #2823 & Art Johnson, #3153 – New Orleans, Louisiana)

February/March 2017 SIPES Quarterly

Highlights – Geology at the University of Louisiana: The Value to our Students of Interaction with the Petroleum Industry (by Brian Lock, Professor Emeritus of Geology, School of Geosciences – University of Louisiana at Lafayette)

February 2016 SIPES Quarterly

Highlights – The Wichita Mountains: Insights into the Evolution of Southern Oklahoma (by Jonathan D. Price, Chair & Prothro Distinguished Associate Professor of Geological Science, Kimbell School of Geosciences, Midwestern State University – Wichita Falls, Texas)

May 2015 SIPES Quarterly

Highlights – Global Warming Causes People (by Randy Bissell, Geoscience Advisor, Headington Energy Partners)

March 2015 SIPES Quarterly

Highlights – Intellectual Capital Blog (by Nicole Decker, Equity Sector Strategist, UBS Financial Services, Inc.)

August 2014 SIPES Newsletter

Highlights: – Paleolithology of Cherokee Sands – Long Branch Field, Payne County, Oklahoma (by Greg A. Riepl, #2322)

August 2012 SIPES Newsletter

Highlights: – Hydrocarbon Seeps in the Gulf of Mexico and the Geological Factors Contributing to Sea Surface Oil Slick Formation (by Margaret Dalthorp and Thomas H. Naehr)

November 2011 SIPES Newsletter

Highlights: – Oil and Water Do Mix: Characterizing a Deep Acquifer Using Petroleum Industry Data (by James Puckette and Todd Halihan)

November 2010 SIPES Newsletter

Highlights: – Developing an Exploration Tool in a Mature Trend: A 3-D AVO Case Study in South Texas (by Mark E. Gregg)

August 2010 SIPES Newsletter

Highlights: – Positive Attitudes and Responses: A Defensive Against Oilfield Gloom and Doom (by Russ Hensley)

May 2010 SIPES Newsletter

Highlights: – ClimateGate, Copenhagen and the State of Climate Change 2010 (by Robert M. Cluff)

November 2006 SIPES Newsletter

Highlights: – Birth and Development of the SIPES Cornerstone Group (by Patrick J. F. Gratton) – Geology of Ellenburger and Fusselman Reservoirs, Midland Farms and Inez Fields, Andrews County, Texas (by C. E. Mear, J. W. Becher, and C. K. Dufurrena)

August 2006 SIPES Newsletter

Highlights: – Production Trends in the Travis Peak of Panola and Rusk Counties, Texas, East Texas Basin (by James R. Turner)

May 2006 SIPES Newsletter

Highlights: – Domestic Energy Sources as an Answer to Hubbert’s Curve Decline (by Arthur J. Pyron)

May 2005 SIPES Newsletter

Highlights: – A Brief Discussion of Coalbed Methane (CBM) in Louisiana (by F. Clayton Breland, Jr.)

August 2004 SIPES Newsletter

Highlights: – Geopressure — Relations to Lithology, Hydrocarbon Presence, and Reservoir Quality (by Norman S. Neidell)

August 2003 SIPES Newsletter

Highlights: – Review of the Tectonic History of the Lower Rio Grande Border Region, South Texas and Mexico, and Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration (by Thomas E. Ewing) – High GOR Rod Pumped Wells (by Wendy G. Storbeck)