August 2020 SIPES Quarterly

Highlight – Louisiana’s Oil and Gas Industry — The Missing Link in Coastal Sustainability by Chris McLindon, #2327 — McLindon Geosciences, LLC

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May 2020 SIPES Quarterly

Highlight – The History of SIPES – Part Two by Marc D. Maddox, #2777, Midland, Texas

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March 2020 SIPES Quarterly

Highlight – The History of SIPES – Part One by Marc D. Maddox, #2777, Midland, Texas

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November 2019 SIPES Quarterly

Highlight – An Update of South Louisiana’s Deep Potential by G. King Munson, Jr., #3025, Island Energy LLC – Lafayette, Louisiana

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August 2019 SIPES Quarterly

Highlight — Climate Change: A Technical Perspective
by James D. Robertson, #2826, Salt Creek Petroleum LLC – Fort Worth, Texas

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June 2019 SIPES Quarterly

Highlight — How a Small Independent Found 200 Million Barrels of Oil at Shallow Depths in a Mature Basin:  Upper Cretaceous San Miguel Play Hugh Fitzsimmons Field, Maverick Basin, South Texas by Thad Bay, Endeavor Natural Gas, LP, Houston, Texas

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March 2019 SIPES Quarterly

Highlight — Historical Analysis of the Real Global Price of Oil by William D. DeMis, #3545, President, Rochelle Court, LLC, Houston, Texas

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November 2018 SIPES Quarterly

Highlight — A Test of the U.S. Dollar as World Reserve Currency, Sanctions on Iran by Donald P. Muth, #3083

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August 2018 SIPES Quarterly

Highlight — A Wild Goose Chase on the Texas Gulf Coast by Dennis A. Taylor, Metate Minerals, Ltd., Owner & President, Corpus Christi, Texas

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June 2018 SIPES Quarterly

Highlight — Oil on the Sea and Exploration: A History with Lessons by John L. Berry, #3326, Austin, Texas

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March 2018 SIPES Quarterly

Highlights — Data versus Hype: How Ten Cities Show Sea-Level Rise is a False Crisis by Dennis E. Hedke, Hedke-Saenger Geoscience, Ltd., Partner

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November 2017 SIPES Quarterly

Highlights — Rivers of Texas, A Geologist’s Overview by Thomas E. Ewing, #1610, Frontera Exploration Consultants, San Antonio, Texas

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August 2017 SIPES Quarterly

Highlights — Field Trip to the Oklahoma Arbuckle Mountains by Joel A. Alberts, SIPES Limited Member

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May 2017 SIPES Quarterly

Highlights — Cross-Discipline Communication: An Issue for Geoscientists by Tom Klekamp, #2823 & Art Johnson, #3153, New Orleans, Louisiana

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February/March 2017 SIPES Quarterly

Highlights — Geology at the University of Louisiana: The Value to our Students of Interaction with the Petroleum Industry by Brian Lock, Professor Emeritus of Geology, School of Geosciences, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

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November 2016 SIPES Quarterly

Highlights — The SIPES Houston Chapter’s “Maps in Schools” Project by Jeff Lund, #3024

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August/September 2016 SIPES Quarterly

Highlights — Galapagos Islands, Ecuador: A Unique Environment by John E. Kimberly, #1430

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May/June 2016 SIPES Quarterly

Highlights — The Macondo Blowout: Six Years Later Edited by Robert C. Leibrock, #1673

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February 2016 SIPES Quarterly

Highlights — The Wichita Mountains: Insights into the Evolution of Southern Oklahoma by Jonathan D. Price, Chair & Prothro Distinguished Associate Professor of Geological Science, Kimbell School of Geosciences, Midwestern State University, Wichita Falls, Texas

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November 2015 SIPES Quarterly

Highlights — Oil Fields in Railroad Valley Nevada — Part Two by Louis C. Bortz, #1698

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August 2015 SIPES Quarterly

Highlights — Oil Fields in Railroad Valley Nevada — Part One by Louis C. Bortz, #1698

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May 2015 SIPES Quarterly

Highlights — Global Warming Causes People by Randy Bissell, Geoscience Advisor, Headington Energy Partners

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March 2015 SIPES Quarterly

Highlights — Intellectual Capital Blog by Nicole Decker, Equity Sector Strategist, UBS Financial Services, Inc.

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November 2014 SIPES Newsletter

Highlights — A Most Creative Person: Jack G. Elam, #124 by Stewart Chuber, #221

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August 2014 SIPES Newsletter

Highlights — Paleolithology of Cherokee Sands — Long Branch Field, Payne County, Oklahoma by Greg A. Riepl, #2322

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May 2014 SIPES Newsletter

Highlights — Atchafalaya Bay Field — Raised from the Ashes by Carlo C. Christina

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February 2014 SIPES Newsletter

Highlights — National Energy Report by C. Al Taylor, Jr.

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November 2013 SIPES Newsletter

Highlights — AVO Analysis and Hydrocarbon Detection for the Independent Geologist by David B. Sturlese

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August 2013 SIPES Newsletter

Highlights — Lies, Damn Lies and Electric Cars by Jory A. Pacht

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May 2013 SIPES Newsletter

Highlights — The Oil Finder’s Tool Box by Lee M. Petersen

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February 2013 SIPES Newsletter

Highlights — Trends in 3D Seismic Activity in Western Kansas 1998-2011 by William A. Miller

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November 2012 SIPES Newsletter

Highlights — Environmental Compliance in the Oil Patch by R. David Shiels

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August 2012 SIPES Newsletter

Highlights — Hydrocarbon Seeps in the Gulf of Mexico and the Geological Factors Contributing to Sea Surface Oil Slick Formation by Margaret Dalthorp and Thomas H. Naehr

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May 2012 SIPES Newsletter

Highlights — Reflections on the Art of Exploration by John A. Masters

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February 2012 SIPES Newsletter

Highlights — Changing Public Perception of the Oil Industry by Donna F. Balin

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November 2011 SIPES Newsletter

Highlights — Oil and Water Do Mix: Characterizing a Deep Acquifer Using Petroleum Industry Data by James Puckette and Todd Halihan

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August 2011 SIPES Newsletter

Highlights — Recent Discoveries in South Louisiana Fields Rejuvenate Production by Louis E. Lemarié

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May 2011 SIPES Newsletter

Highlights — Oil and Gas of Mexico by Donald P. McGookey

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March 2011 SIPES Newsletter

Highlights — Whose Fault Is It? A Geologic Empire in the Central Gulf Coast by William R. Finley

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November 2010 SIPES Newsletter

Highlights — Developing an Exploration Tool in a Mature Trend: A 3-D AVO Case Study in South Texas by Mark E. Gregg

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August 2010 SIPES Newsletter

Highlights — Positive Attitudes and Responses: A Defensive Against Oilfield Gloom and Doom by Russ Hensley

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May 2010 SIPES Newsletter

Highlights — ClimateGate, Copenhagen, and the State of Climate Change 2010 by Robert M. Cluff

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February 2010 SIPES Newsletter

Highlights — The Haynesville Shale: What We Have Learned in the First Two Years by Richard K. Stoneburner

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November 2009 SIPES Newsletter

Highlights — Wind Energy: It’s Up in the Air by Paul M. Strunk

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August 2009 SIPES Newsletter

Highlights — Update on the Marcuss Play, Appalachian Basin, USA by Arthur J. Pyron

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May 2009 SIPES Newsletter

Highlights — A Geological Conservancy by Thomas E. Ewing

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February 2009 SIPES Newsletter

Highlights — The Oklahoma Oil Opportunity by Dan T. Boyd

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November 2008 SIPES Newsletter

Highlights — Gas Hydrate — An Emerging Energy Resource by Art Johnson

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August 2008 SIPES Newsletter

Highlights — Permian Basin: Why So Prolific? by Donald P. McGookey

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May 2008 SIPES Newsletter

Highlights — Louisiana Unitization — A Primer by Travis A. Helms

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February 2008 SIPES Newsletter

Highlights — Basement Tectonics and Origin of the Sabine Uplift by Richard L. Adams

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November 2007 SIPES Newsletter

Highlights — Challenges of Urban Seismic by B. Wayne Hoskins

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August 2007 SIPES Newsletter

Highlights — Geochemical Exploration: Sample Collection and Survey Design by Chuck K. Goudge

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May 2007 SIPES Newsletter

Highlights — Sheep Mountain CO₂ Revisited by J. J. Renfro

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February 2007 SIPES Newsletter

Highlights — The Barnett Shale: Still the Hottest Natural Gas Play in the U.S. by David Pursell

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November 2006 SIPES Newsletter

Highlights — Birth and Development of the SIPES Cornerstone Group by Patrick J. F. Gratton and Geology of Ellenburger and Fusselman Reservoirs, Midland Farms and Inez Fields, Andrews County, Texas by C. E. Mear, J. W. Becher, and C. K. Dufurrena

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August 2006 SIPES Newsletter

Highlights — Production Trends in the Travis Peak of Panola and Rusk Counties, Texas, East Texas Basin by James R. Turner

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May 2006 SIPES Newsletter

Highlights — Domestic Energy Sources as an Answer to Hubbert’s Curve Decline by Arthur J. Pyron

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February 2006 SIPES Newsletter

Highlights — Plate Tectonics versus Expansion of the Planet by Perry O. Roehl

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August/November 2005 SIPES Newsletter

Highlights — Where the Buffalo Roam by Michael N. Austin, #2366 and Michael A. Pollok, #2512

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May 2005 SIPES Newsletter

Highlights — A Brief Discussion of Coalbed Methane (CBM) in Louisiana by F. Clayton Breland, Jr.

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February 2005 SIPES Newsletter

Highlights — CO₂ Enhanced Oil Recovery: The Changing Landscape by L. Stephen Melzer

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November 2004 SIPES Newsletter

Highlights — History of Oil & Gas in Louisiana by Frank W. Harrison, Jr.

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August 2004 SIPES Newsletter

Highlights — Geopressure — Relations to Lithology, Hydrocarbon Presence, and Reservoir Quality by Norman S. Neidell

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May 2004 SIPES Newsletter

Highlights — Advance It Down the Fairway by Kevin Fisher

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February 2004 SIPES Newsletter

Highlights — Why There Is So Much Gas in the Rockies & Where Future Supplies Will Be Found by Fred F. Meissner

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November 2003 SIPES Newsletter

Highlights — Discovering a Supergiant Gas Field with Dry Holes by Jere B. Jay

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August 2003 SIPES Newsletter

Highlights — Review of the Tectonic History of the Lower Rio Grande Border Region, South Texas and Mexico, and Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration by Thomas E. Ewing and High GOR Rod Pumped Wells by Wendy G. Storbeck

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