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Advertising With SIPES

Becoming an advertiser in the SIPES Newsletter is a great way to get the news of your organization out to a larger community.

Need Investors?

45% of SIPES members have other SIPES members as participants or investors in their projects.

As a consultant, service provider, or a generator you can

– attract customers

– find a gig for your particular expertise

– SIPES members are active in at least 25 states and 3 countries!


Nearly Half

…of our members are responsible for recommending or approving all types of services related to:

– project development

– drilling

– supervising

– completing and producing wells

– over 2,000 wells in a year for over 2,000,000 feet of hole were drilled

– depths range from less than 2,000 feet to over 20,000 feet measured depth

That is a lot of service to recommend and approve!

By advertising in the SIPES Newsletter or at the annual convention, your organization is exposed to over 700 movers and shakers in the energy and related industries. It is a great return on your investment!

SIPES Newsletter Ad Information

Advertise in SIPES publications and highlight your products and services to an organization with over 700 members holding key positions in the oil and gas industry nationwide. 

Rates and additional information are available by clicking the buttons to the right!

Convention Advertising Information

We place your advertisement in two locations!

Convention Registration book

Your ad will be placed in our annual convention’s registration book for all SIPES members to see!

Convention Program book

We place your ad in our annual convention’s program book that is available to each convention guest.
The book is also archived on the website!

Convention Ad &
Sponsorship Form

If you would like to purchase an ad or be a sponsor of the SIPES 2024 Convention, please click the button below to fill out the form
To pay online click here

To be guaranteed a spot in the Convention Registration Book,
payment and ad copy must be received by January 22, 2024

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