SIPES maintains a computerized referral system to list members who are available for consulting work. The SIPES Referral System is designed to match consulting SIPES members with companies, individuals, or government agencies who require the services of a consulting earth scientist.

If you are a consulting SIPES member, please complete the questionnaire form(s) that fits your primary field of expertise and return it to the SIPES office in Dallas. You can complete the form online, print it, then fax or mail it to the Dallas office. There are forms for consulting engineersgeologists and geophysicists. Your questionnaire data will be stored in the SIPES computer system where entries can be retrieved conveniently.

If you are a company, individual or government agency who needs the services of an earth science consultant, please go to the Referral System Section of the web page, or contact the SIPES office with your requirements. The PDF forms for each specialty will give you information on the type of data that is available through the SIPES Referral System. There is no charge for this service.

Data from the SIPES Referral System for Consultants has been published in three booklets that list engineers, geologists and geophysicists who are available for consulting work. These booklets have been displayed at industry conventions and are also available online to members and non-members. Please click on REFERRAL under RESOURCES to see this information. The information is updated frequently as new data is received. Members should submit their Referral System forms to SIPES in order to be included in these Referral System Lists.



SIPES has developed, in conjunction with the Division of Professional Affairs of AAPG, useful professional model contracts for independent geoscientists. A model Confidentiality Agreement Form is available. A single copy of the two page form is available at no charge; A four-page Contract for Geoscience Services is also available without charge.



SIPES Forms for Consulting Engineers


SIPES Forms for Consulting Geologists


SIPES Forms for Consulting Geophysicists