SIPES Foundation

What is the SIPES Foundation?

The SIPES Foundation, a charitable and educational organization, was chartered in Texas in November 1981. In addition to awarding annual earth science scholarships and conducting educational seminars, the Foundation maintains an extensive earth science video film library, with films of technical programs that have been presented at past annual meetings and seminars.


Donations are welcomed by the SIPES Foundation to continue scholarship awards, seminars, and educational programs. Your gift may be made in honor of or in memory of a family member, friend or business colleague. All gifts receive written acknowledgment. If you wish to make a contribution online, please click the button below.

Foundation Leadership

2022-2023 Board of Directors

Neil D. Sharp

President - Denver, Colorado

Neil currently resides in Denver, CO and is the President of Rampike Resources, Ltd.  His company focuses on generating and developing oil and gas prospects within the Midcontinent and Rockies in both conventional and unconventional plays.

Dan Earl Duggan

Vice President - Fort worth, Texas

Dan Earl is currently serving his fifth year on the SIPES National Board of Directors. He was previously the Fort Worth Chapter Chairman. He has lengthy & broad experience in the domestic oil and gas industry with both public and private companies. The latter includes substantial activity as an independent, conducting project development and investment for his own account primarily in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Colorado. He is an Emeritus member of AAPG.

Thomas G. Pronold

Secretary - Wichita, Kansas

Tom Pronold lives in Wichita, Kansas, and is the Manager of Bitter Spar LLC, an exploration and development company specializing in Kansas conventional drilling prospects. He has been active in the SIPES Wichita Chapter for over ten years and serves as the Chapter Chairman. He graduated from SMU with a Master’s Degree in Geology in 1979, carries a Kansas Geological License, and is a member of AAPG. 

Robert C. Leibrock

Treasurer - Houston, Texas

Bob Leibrock was an independent oil & gas operator in the Permian Basin for many years and continues to participate there as an investor.  He is a petroleum engineer and graduate of the University of Texas at Austin. He served as chapter chairman of both the Midland and Fort Worth SIPES chapters and is a prior president of the SIPES Foundation. 


Thomas M. Kirby - San Antonio, Texas

Christopher H. Reed - Tyler, Texas

Stephen M. Smith - Houston, Texas

Foundation Seminars

The SIPES Foundation presents a continuing education seminar annually during the SIPES Annual Meeting. Recent seminar topics have included

  • Energy 101
  • Deregulation and the Texas Energy-Only Market
  • Rocky Mountain National Park & Historic Estes Park
  • The History of Santa Fe
  • Tales from Seven Continents – Living an Explorer’s Dream
  • The USS Midway’s 47-Year Odyssey & Beyond and San Diego: The Birthplace of Naval Aviation
  • Discovering Dinosaurs in Utah: 150 Million Years of Earth History
  •  A Sense of Time and Place in New Mexico
  • New Department of Energy
  • Geology of Yellowstone National Park
  • To the Moon and Beyond!
  • Advanced Lawsuit Protection, Tax Reduction and Estate Planning Strategies

On June 13, 2022, the SIPES Foundation presented Major John Wesley Powell’s 1869 Journey Down the Green and Colorado Rivers of Utah on His Way to the Grand Canyon by Thomas C. Chidsey, Jr., Utah Geological Survey, Emeritus.

Past Officers of the SIPES Foundation

2021Neil D. SharpDan Earl DugganWendell R. CreechCarol M. Shiels
2020Christopher H. ReedNeil D. SharpWendell R. CreechMichael R. Vasicek
2019Barry J. RavaChristopher H. ReedWendell R. CreechMichael R. Vasicek
2018Michael R. VasicekBarry J. RavaJohn H. NewberryCarol M. Shiels
2017Gary C. HuberMichael R. VasicekJohn H. NewberryKirk C. Kolar
2016Patrick A. NyeGary C. HuberVacantMichael R. Vasicek
2015Howard E. DavenportWilliam R. FinleyPatrick A. NyeMichael A. Fogarty
2014C. Al Taylor, Jr.Howard E. DavenportDouglas H. McGinness IITerence G. O’Hare
2013James L. AllenC. Al Taylor, Jr.Brian K. MillerEduardo A. Riddle
2012James P. Evans IIIGilbert D. “Gib” BrownBrian K. MillerJames L. Allen
2011Kenneth J. HuffmanJames F. HardwickJames P. Evans IIIGilbert D. “Gib” Brown
2010J. R. ClevelandBobby M. GreenwoodDennis M. GleasonSuzanne G. Cluff
2009J. Phil Martin, Jr.Marc D. MaddoxKenneth J. HuffmanJ. R. Cleveland
2008Lee M. PetersenJ. Phil MartinMarc D. MaddoxKenneth J. Huffman
2007Lanny O. ButnerH. Jack Naumann, Jr.Clifford A. WalkerLee M. Petersen
2006George S. JohnsonWoodruff G. Leel, Jr.Clifford A. WalkerJames K. Applegate
2005Michael A. PollokGeorge S. JohnsonJames K. ApplegateE. Bernard Brauer
2004Daniel M. ReynoldsCraig W. AdamsRobert B. RobinsonWendy G. Holland
2003Paul W. BrittCharley B. WhippTony R. StuartValary L. Schulz
2002Robert C. LeibrockPaul W. BrittBrian S. CalhounJ. D. Hughes
2001Scott A. WainwrightPeter G. GrayLawrence H. DavisJames A. Savage
2000Deborah K. SacreyPeter G. GrayJames L. ClaughtonJames A. Savage
1999Deborah K. SacreyPeter G. GrayWilliam P. WilbertGeorge F. Willis
1998H. Rudy ParkisonDeborah K. SacreyVictor L. CooperGeorge F. Willis
1997Donald C. WambaughScott LaurentJohn M. JurasinH. Rudy Parkison
1996James B. BennettTerry L. HollrahRobert D. CowderyJames H. Henderson
1995Don D. MatsonJohn M. RakowskiWilliam M. KazmannJames B. Bennett
1994James P. Evans IIIDon D. MatsonMichael F. McKenzieWilliam M. Kazmann
1993Daniel L. SmithJames P. Evans IIIMalcolm D. McGregorMichael F. McKenzie
1992Robert E. BoyerFrank M. BrooksDaniel L. SmithTaylor W. Dillard
1991George B. VockrothHarry L. FrankKenneth O. SeewaldGeorge E. Farmar
1990Charles B. GodfreyLeonard E. JordonRoy C. WaltherJon F. Cobb
1989Eugene L. HowardCharles B. GodfreyFred M. Thompson, Jr.Robert R. Lamb
1988Richard F. PetersonWilliam G. EllisGene B. Wiggins, Jr.Eugene L. Howard
1987H. Grady Collier, Jr.Richard F. PetersonWilliam G. EllisJohn C. Roberts
1986O. H. BerryH. Grady Collier, Jr.Richard F. PetersonWilliam W. Crump
1985Evelyn W. MoodyO. H. BerryH. Grady Collier, Jr.William W. Crump
1984Adam M. SturleseDonald C. GiffordO. H. BerryEvelyn W. Moody
1983Wilbur C. BradleyFred L. OliverAdam M. SturleseJohn W. Ruwwe
1982E. Lee MillsPatrick J. F. GrattonA. H. Wadsworth, Jr.George R. Gibson