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By law, the Texas Board of Professional Geoscientists (TBPG) must conduct a review of the existing rules governing the TBPG every four years. 2014 is the year for that review.  The stated purpose of the review is:

The Appointed Board of the Texas Board of Professional Geoscientists proposes amendments to clarify common definitions and terms for consistency throughout the rules; to clarify language and remove unnecessary or redundant language; and to make minor clarifications to the way that advisory opinion requests are handled by the Appointed Board.

Part of this review process is soliciting public comments.  This year public comments may be made up to October 2, 2014. Following that date, the TBPG staff will review all of the comments.  Your comments may be submitted to the TBPG via regular mail or email, and should be sent to the following address:

Texas Board of Professional Geoscientists
Attention:  Mr. Charles Horton
P.O. Box 13225
Austin, TX 78711

The email address is: chorton@tbpg.state.tx.us

The SIPES Houston Chapter formed a committee (Dan Smith, #1647; David Rensink, #3297; Phil Martin, #2390; and Scott Daniel, #3003) to review the board’s proposed rule changes. The group found several changes that are significant.  Their recommendations can be found here.

This committee is encouraging members to become educated on the issues, along with the effects of the proposed rules, and to make your comments before the deadline date above.

Texas Board of Professional Geoscientists: Proposed Rule Changes

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